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"Hybrid VPN" in progress

Compared with the traditional single-VPN technology has become in 2007 the era of the hybrid VPN: IPSec and SSL combines the essence of two VPN, and to support comprehensive security management platform, hybrid VPN technology has been a growing number of industry users are the favor.

Cost-Effective Way

Speaking of the popular hybrid VPN technology, in fact, from the second half of 2006 already have signs: Many users prefer a stable and reliable IPSec VPN, but worried about restrictions on the number of users with access to the inconvenience, so only the IPSec + SSL expectations. Of course, the combination of two technologies for the management of complexity has not a small upgrade. But the help of various management platforms, people on the future of promising hybrid VPN.

And, like many emerging technologies in universities, the University of hybrid VPN is also found in the market. Director of Information Center of Fujian Medical University, Ren Fengjun teacher said in an interview, "Hybrid VPN technology combines the advantages of both technologies, the deployment itself is the embodiment of efficiency."

In fact, Fujian Medical University, the 2007 is a fruitful year for school information: With the hybrid VPN technology, the school has completed its four affiliated hospitals subordinate security access, and get a good management effectiveness. Renfeng Jun teacher said it would IPSec and SSL VPN mixture of two applications, in conjunction with strong management platform to support, not only in significant savings to schools, and also to secure access and management points out the direction ----" Information Center 5 a teacher, has been enough to complete all the work. "

Renfeng Jun said: "The value of college is a huge literature technical information on the School of Medicine, the database is a large number of foreign language teachers and students, and affiliated doctors of knowledge, they need frequent access to these resources. But the problem is IPSec VPN 1000 alone the number of users to complete the University Hospital with four connections, far from meeting demand. In fact, this is the reason we deploy SSL VPN ---- for teachers and students at home through IPSec VPN connect to the database, Doctors Hospital of SSL VPN connections through a database, which constitutes both benign application configuration. "

Of course, cost-effective to do so is also very prominent. "If the schools themselves by laying fiber-optic cable combined with the rental of telecommunication means (some affiliated hospitals are not local), each affiliated hospitals to spend at least the basis of cost 90,000 yuan, not including follow-up of rental and service charges. But the use of SSL VPN, every hospital need only 39,000 yuan on it. "

As the project's equipment suppliers, deep convince product manager of security technology that Di Wu, VPN technology itself has cost advantage, mix the two kinds of VPN, you can further save costs, especially for License sensitive user, you can use SSL achieve effective balance. It is reported that they have owned the M5400 and M5100 VPN has been applied in the Fujian Medical University.

In fact, the Beijing home Delivery of IT engineers Wen-hui also take the same view. He said: "Compared to the traditional optical model, VPN can save 40% - 60% of the cost. Of course, this also is only one aspect. If you can VPN construction companies with their own security management platform, you can with minimal human expenditures, complete in all branches of the VPN management, which undoubtedly is a huge cost savings. "

Management is cost-effective

No doubt, like the house rushed to branches of such a wide range of enterprises, there are good popular VPN technologies. However, Wen-Hui Wang and Ren Fengjun in common is that they have put forward a hybrid VPN to reduce the human cost, the results they have done. In this regard, Wu Di said: "The management platform and two VPN at the illuminated location, the technology generally, limited maintenance and management personnel of enterprises, management platform can really simplify VPN configuration and management complexity."

CSR Group of the North District information security expert Liu Yang this sympathetically, he thinks a lot of IT projects are "one-third of construction, seven in charge", VPN nature is the same. He said: "There is no means of support for strong management, many IT staff will be as exhausted as the fireman, because it is difficult to define and implement the need to focus on where the security point."

He said the experience of watching from the application, VPN system if there are problems, headquarters information center is difficult to determine, and this let alone to take timely measures.

In response, companies need to grasp the point: in the application of increasingly large VPN system, you must build a special (or integrated) VPN management platform. Renfeng Jun view is that they have been adopted in December last year, convinced that provides deep VPN Security Management Center SC system, the center of her room from the school management to the four affiliated hospitals of all equipment, log on for all circumstances, traffic conditions, can do at a glance. She said: "The current management platform at the interface could be improved, but from the function has to meet the needs of the teachers have at least five of us managed VPN that will not be too much energy was involved."

If a unified management platform in education to reduce the workload of the user, then the automobile industry, is a huge money savings. Dongfeng Nissan, a security expert Zhang Wei, said: "Nissan is already beginning to use VPN technology, our daily sales of all the work needed and the 4S shops across the country statistics, summary, and unified management platform for building, we did exactly the original intention of the remote control of all, this will save our maintenance costs by at least 80%. because all the 4S shop client configuration and debugging, can be done from headquarters, while a significant number of engineers around the reduced. "

Large-scale deployment

From the characteristics of hybrid VPN is easy to see, the essence of the scale of deployment. National Environmental Monitoring Center of the IT engineer Li Jun said in an interview for the scale, but the internal network does not improve or move out of the staff a lot of business, the hybrid VPN technology is very effective, especially through the use of management platform can be unified management across departments, which for the future development of enterprises is beneficial.

He also said: "Many enterprises with their own development, may be faced with deploying an all-network security management platform, such as SOC, or SRM, if the VPN management platform has been built, particularly the control of a single platform can be done when, you can well with the future of systems integration business, which is beneficial for the IT sector. "

Of course, the large-scale deployment of the hybrid VPN is not overnight, at least to meet two conditions: first, the bandwidth guarantee; second, safety certification. In this regard, Renfeng Jun, said the school in order to ensure the success of mixed-VPN, specifically earmarked 10M telecommunications bandwidth, four hospitals affiliated with the school IPSec VPN connections, and SSL VPN connections to all doctors, all from 10M in the division, so ensure access speed.

However, she also admitted that the second condition does not possess. She said: "We presented the initial deep convinced 50 SSL VPN accounts, we are gradually trial. The current difficulty is that there is no specific certification facilities to ensure the legitimacy of these trials the identity of the user. At present we can only ask all doctors use in hospitals SSL VPN, application for home, need to wait for a suitable authentication mechanism to cope with. "

In addition, she also revealed that large-scale deployment of the hybrid VPN, and sometimes need to consider or balance the needs of the various branches. "When we deploy VPN and found that not all hospitals are willing to export directly at the school's VPN gateway. Fact that the hospital IT staff, this is not safe. Their view is that this result is hospital network completely open to the schools, but the hospital to the patients involved in a lot of confidentiality, and responsibility can not be implemented if there are problems. Finally, we have to make a balance of certain hospitals as a bypass VPN exports Hospital staff who need to use the internal VPN are required to apply for, not everyone can use. "

Finally, Beijing Pharmaceutical Group's IT engineers Li Jie told reporters that the hybrid VPN technology is not long, but fast. This requires both companies to consider VPN, we can not relax the control of network security. He said: "VPN looks more like an issue of the times. If the enterprises to develop applications more appropriate to require the higher security level, is followed by the addition of authentication technologies, which can not avoid the problem. "

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