Thursday, October 21, 2010

Automation is everywhere

- High-letter organizations in energy management and control software products and training for automated knowledge

To effectively implement the spirit of the meeting Zoucheng to better control the development of energy-saving projects and products, operations, energy management and control in the field realizing the strategic objectives of the brand of choice. Context of the current business to carry out the actual situation, on April 25, high-letter software in Qingdao Electronic School South Campus organizations on energy management and control products and automation knowledge of staff training to enhance staff on energy management and control products and automation technical knowledge of understanding and learning, and better promote the work.

The training software by the Chairman and President Karl Du river's invitation, Qingdao University Professor Liu Chuanlai to "automatic control everywhere" as the subject to make a full knowledge on the topic of automation training. Professor Liu from "the universe since the trend in balance the pursuit of harmony, the result comes naturally, who must control everything," the natural phenomena and social phenomena as the starting point, from human health to the biological function of the survival of evolution, from planned economy to a social the evolution of the market economy, Professor Lau explained by the shallow and deep, from surface, one by one start to shop, to penetrate all the staff a sense that the automatic control everywhere.

Management, control, Liu closely integrated software for high-letter ISO9000 quality management system and the company's organizational structure, management mode, the automatic control system, control the two basic aspects, objects, and accurate way to understand the objects, to distinguish between primary and secondary contradictions, similarities and differences between personality and the "disease" (object) prescription, to complete the face of different objects diagrams, tables, functional modeling carried out in detail. Among them, the automatic control system components are divided into open-loop control system, the controller - the object, closed-loop control system, the controller - the object - Feedback link. In addition, Professor Lau also simple control systems, complex control systems are described separately, and stressed that the importance of access to information, and so eliminate the false and retain the true requirements.

Through this study and training, so that all employees have a better understanding of automation knowledge, deepen understanding of the company's strategic direction, enthusiasm doubled, to strengthen the sense of mission and sense of belonging to the enterprise.

(Staff training on-site)

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